Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Silver Fox

Last night, as I do almost every night, I was watching NCIS on USA. When it was over, I got up and went to the table to try and get some work done. I always leave the TV on in the background, just to have some noise, so I didn't change the channel. Apparently, on Tuesday nights, NCIS is followed by none other than WWE RAW. I still didn't change the channel. Don't judge me. There is no show on TV I would like to watch LESS than RAW, so I knew leaving it on would guarantee my getting something done.

As I combed my e-mail and tweetdeck, something on the screen caught my attention. They introduced the host, who was none other than Freddie Prinze, Jr.

Freddie Prinze Jr. was the Zac Efron of my generation. He only did, like, 4 movies that were widely known; "She's All That", "I Know What You Did Last Summer", and that great, classic sequel, "I STILL Know What You Did Last Summer", and "Scooby Doo". He also made a few other gems that were lesser known, and remain guilty pleasures for me to this day; "Down To You", and "Head Over Heels". Regardless, he made every teenage girl's heart beat a bit faster, mine included. I still get a just a little bit wistful when I hear his name, so I couldn't help but look up. What I saw...was...just...disturbing. He enters the stage at about 1:25...

Wait...what was that I saw? Yes, people. Gray hair.

Don't get me wrong, folks. I have nothing against Freddie or gray hair. I dig gray on a man. But try and think about how this makes ME feel. Imagine how all these little teenyboppers are going to feel one day when they turn on their TV/computer that is just projected into the air and find Zac Efron hosting Intergalactic Space Alien Wrestling with GRAY HAIR. Will they think that Zac is a wrinkly old man? No. Will they feel like wrinkly old women? Yes.

Come on, Freddie. It's always been about the ladies for you, man. Cut us a break. Give us a few more years to feel good about ourselves before you go totally Harrison Ford on us. Pick up a box of Just For Men. Don't do it for yourself, Silver Fox; you don't need it. Do it for me.


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