Wednesday, August 26, 2009

In love

Do you believe in love at first sight? I do. Well, NOW I do. I didn't used to, but after falling in love at first sight with a duplex almost one week ago, I am a believer.

Husband and I have had a strong desire to move out of the hell-hole in which we live for quite some time now. This desire was accompanied by a complex plan. We knew that we were D.O.N.E. done with apartment living, but we are not in any way ready to buy a house. For one thing, we have credit that rivals the good 'ol USA on the BAD scale. For another, we aren't 100% sure that Texas will be our final choice of where to live. So, that brought us to the conclusion that we want to rent a house.

'Round these parts, the dollar tends to go further in the (*shudder*) suburbs, so we picked one out that was only minimally pretentious and in a decent proximity to our loved ones, even if it was far from both our jobs. The only problem left is the fact that we share a car. So, buying Husband a car would be the first step in our moving process. See what I mean? Complex.

I was on my way home from an appointment with my therapist last week when I spotted the cutest little duplex EVER on a street not too far from our current hole. We kind of live on the edge of a very nice, slightly trendy (but not obnoxious) neighborhood. This place is actually IN the very nice, slightly trendy (but not obnoxious) neighborhood. In my mind, this meant that there was no way we could afford it. So, I did the natural thing. I called.

Why would I call a place that I knew damn well I wouldn't be able to afford? To assuage my curiosity and prove myself right, of course. Me? Narcissistic? Noooo!

I actually got a call back the next day from the realtor, which was a shock in and of itself. I thought she would be able to hear poorness in my voice, and thus would ignore me. When she told me what the rent was, I just about fainted. Not because it was too expensive, but because it was TOO PERFECT! She mentioned a craigslist ad, which I went to look at as soon as I hung up from making my appointment to go have a look at the place with Husband and Grandma (who will be moving in with us). My love only grew. After seeing it, I am fully and completely, hopelessly in love with this duplex.

It is an old house, built in the 1930's; brick with Spanish tile roofing. It is HUGE, over 1700 square feet. Two bedrooms, each with it's own door to the outside (a big deal for Grandma's privacy). Two adorable vintage tiled bathrooms in funky colors. A study (WOOT! An office for The Kuh!). Washer and dryer connections. Security system. Fireplace. All hardwood floors. Spacious front porch. Lots of windows. Ample storage space. There is even a little nook in the front room that would serve as a perfect place for the cats. The list just goes on and on.

We put in our applications on Friday, and are still waiting to hear back. The owners are on vacation, and there are other applicants besides us. I hate competition. I feel like I am on The Bachelor, or More To Love, or one of those other shitty reality dating shows. Picture me in my interview..."I think I am really and truly in love with Duplex. I know it's crazy, because we have only had that one one-on-one date, but I know he is the one. I will just DIE if Duplex sends me home tonight at elimination."

I'm just praying all the while, and hoping to hear the magic words..."The Kuh," (insert sigh of relief) "Will you accept this key?"


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