Monday, January 9, 2012

I hate exercise. Here's what I think of my two new exercise DVD's.

Like just about every other person in America, I made a New Year's resolution to take better care of myself, and recommit to losing weight and getting in better shape. This isn't really new for me. I have been doing Weight Watchers since July and have lost about 20 lbs, but I have been a big slacker since Thanksgiving, and other than bike riding, I never really got on board for the exercise part of the program. So, I dragged my butt to Target and got (on sale! Woot!) two workout DVD's. Bob Harper's Beginner's Weight Loss Transformation, and Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds.

I'm not a huge fan of the Bob Harper DVD, and it's not only because I am woefully out of shape, though that is part of it. I am far from being an expert, but I really don't feel that this is a beginner level workout. I found it to be very difficult. I've done it twice now, and I think it will take many more times before I can get through it without stopping. It's really ass-kicking, and you can tell that even the very in-shape people in the video are having a hard time toward the end.

There is very little instruction on how to do the moves beginners may be unfamiliar with (reverse tabletop? Wtf is that?) or that can result in injury if done incorrectly (such as lunges and squats). There is very little talk about how the moves should feel if done correctly or incorrectly. There are times where he mentions that a move can be modified, but no one shows the modification, which can be confusing.

All that said, it really is a great workout in that it is total body and really intense. I don't like doing it, but I feel really good afterward. At least, until the soreness sets in. I want to conquer it, so it's staying in my rotation.

I love Leslie Sansone and her Walk Away the Pounds series. The DVD I bought includes four workouts of 1-4 miles that get progressively longer and more difficult. They incorporate walking in place with other aerobic-type moves, as well as some strengthening exercises. The first workout is very easy and quick, perfect for a true beginner, or for those days when you really want to fit some activity in, but don't have much time. The three mile workout is perfect for my fitness level right now. I still feel like I'm getting an intense workout, but I don't need to stop much. It really has something for everyone. Also, it can be done with very little space, and there's no jumping around, which is great for apartment dwellers like me. Leslie has a smile on her face and is talkative throughout, always encouraging. Some say she is cheesy. I say I like not getting yelled at. I'm looking at you Jillian Michaels.

Feel free to take my reviews with a grain of Mrs. Dash. Like I said, I'm no expert. Just a regular, chunky girl with opinions. Too many, some might say.

If you have a workout DVD you like, I am taking suggestions.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I have not forsaken...ya'll.

So, we're officially all moved in to the new place, and mostly unpacked. We don't have cable/internet yet, though. It's a beating. Well, the internet part is, anyway. I don't miss TV much, to be honest. I won't make any self-righteous claims about how I have realized how much time I wasted, etc, etc. I am wasting just as much time watching Gilmore Girls on DVD. I'm just wasting time more efficiently. It's way better to watch 12 straight hours of Gilmore Girls because I chose to than it is to watch 12 straight hours of SVU just because USA is having yet another "Stabler is Hott" marathon. It's gotta be better for my mental health, too right?

I am planning to spend some quality time with some free WiFi tomorrow, so you'll have a proper post then. Meanwhile, here's a cute picture of Sophie. She is really insisting on feeding herself these days, with cute, messy, hilarious results.


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