Sunday, September 15, 2013

Time Management is not my BFF

Hello, my name is The Kuh and I have goals. I also have a problem. I don't have time to achieve these goals.

I am always reluctant to say "I DON'T HAVE TIME!" because I do believe that we all get the same 24 hours in a day, and we're responsible for what we do with it. But look at this here list and tell me if you think it's logistically possible for one person to do all these things.

- Work full-time
- Prepare a reasonably healthy meal for my family every night
- Exercise
- Maintain some sort of spiritual practice, like prayer or meditation or something
- Go to school part time
- Read books
- Write
- Go back to school part time
- Maintain my side business
- Keep up with basic cleaning and stuff
- Sleep at some point

I almost added "Watch Doctor Who", because I don't think a life without The Doctor is worth living, but then I thought it was irresponsible, so I took it off. Which was pointless if I was just going to tell you, but whatever.

- Watch Doctor Who


I have friends that seem to do it all, and I seriously want to know what the hell their secret is. Scheduling? Planning? List-making? Because I have tried all of that, and none of those things add hours to my day. Really, they don't. When I try to accomplish all those things (except the school thing, because I'm not currently registered, I just want to go next semester maybe), all that happens is that I feel overwhelmed, like I am constantly running, and that can only go on so long. I get overwhelmed and crabby and then I just quit everything because I can't handle it, and we eat crap and just sit around for the next few months until I can get it up to try again. I don't have to do it all, you say? Well, tell that to my ADHD. All or nothing thinking is a big problem for us.

If you have suggestions for me other than, "Get back on your meds, a-hole", they're more than welcome. I'll be taking a nap if you need me.


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