Thursday, December 8, 2011

Today, I give you cuteness!

I was going to blog about my weird celebrity crushes today. I have some weird crushes, you guys. Some weirder than others. I think I need the weekend to really do that justice, though, so instead I am going to show you a cute picture and video of Sophie! And then I am going to complain about being broke at Christmas! Do those two things go together?

In the last few weeks, Sophie has been very into the kitchen. She's been learning how all the cabinet doors open and close, and how all the drawers open and close. She hadn't been actually getting into the stuff in the drawers, so I made the mistake of turning my back for just a moment. When I turned back around, I found this:

Because this was only the first time it happened, we both thought it was soooooo cute and funny, so we set out to record it on video. Who knew that the thing we actually set out to record wouldn't be NEARLY as funny as the faces she made when Beau found the flash light on the phone camera:

What a hambone.


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